What are Game Studios are Doing to Celebrate Women in Games

What are Game Studios are Doing to Celebrate Women in Games

Friday 8th March is International Woman’s Day! Whilst it’s formally been around since early 1900, many people are only just waking up to its importance thanks to a shift in culture and society. 

This year’s theme #BalanceforBetter is described on the International Woman’s Day website as a “call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world” something that, working within the Tech, Games and Interactives sectors, we know a lot about.

Gender equality & diversity in the gaming world is a very hot topic  and despite fairly stagnant numbers of women entering the profession over the past four years, there are some amazing women working in the games industry and studios are definitely waking up to the fact that

  1. Women need to be better represented with the Games and Interactive industries
  2. Things need to change to ensure women see gaming as a viable career option

So to celebrate the Studios that are doing it right we’ll be live blogging throughout international Woman’s day bringing you a round up of all the excellent incentives, activities and information.


Electric Square and Studio Gobo

“Everyone is fully on board this year and really excited about International Women’s Day! At Electric Square we’re having a charity bake sale and a blog by one of our very own women. Over at Gobo they have already set up a women’s committee with regular meetings. Across the 2 studios we will be filming some interviews with some of our amazingly talented females and releasing that on the day as well as doing a charity fundraiser for a women’s charity.” Guy de Rosa, Head of Talent




Our friends at Bossa threw an Orange Party. A celebration of equality, where everyone was invited to wear the Bossa colour - orange.

"There are no flowers for ladies but there will be plenty of alcoholic and fancy non-alcoholic beverages for everyone (we wouldn't have flowers for men on the men's day either!)." Marta Gaczynska

They are also planning a series of articles/ blog posts about being a woman in games, getting into the industry, and the importance of the topic.

Splash Damage

Over at Splash Damage they’ve invited some incredible female industry talent @tronbevan , @Csharkboi & @moods_jpg to give a talk to staff about their career in gaming. What a great line-up!


They have also released a really inspirational film where they asked some of their brilliant women what advice they would offer people looking to get into the industry... and they are raising money for money for a local Woman's Aid charity! 


"Today we’ll be celebrating the women of Splash Damage and highlighting the essential contributions they make to our games. At Splash Damage we’re dedicated to fair play and equal opportunities for everyone; women don’t always get to play on a level field, so we want to do our part in addressing that." Max Downton, Marketing



Jagex took the opportunity to speak to all the women that make up their company from web systems to marketing to development and more help to find out how they shape the future of their titles. Not only that… 

They are also doing a live #AMA QA on Reddit at 5pm today (will update with a link when it’s live 😊)


Sony PlayStation

Sony has been celebrating amazing female creators from Santa Monica Studio, Naughty Dog, London Studio, Guerrilla, Media Molecule with a video asking them what inspires them, and their advice and why diversity in games is so important.

You can watch it here



King games a proud Work180 UK #EndorsedEmployerforWomen. This year to celebrate #IWD they will be holding events and activities across our studios and offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Barcelona, Malmo, Stockholm and Berlin. 

They’re also posting inspirational quotes and advice from their #SHEroes




Have posted a blog following the journey of Milenne Tanganelli, @DigitalPopUps setting up an AR agency from scratch

Many of the other studios are simply taking the opportunity to give their female colleagues a shout out!


Playground Games


Outsider Games

Creative Assembly


However you are celebrating International Woman’s Day today, it is important to remember why we’re doing it. In an industry where people are passionate about creating the best, most relatable games and experiences, surely the key is a diverse and interesting pool of talent, where everyone is represented?

If you’re doing something to celebrate International Woman’s Day you’d like to shout about, please contact me and we’ll include you in our roundup!



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