Skillsearch visits VRX Expo 2016

On the 13th May Skillsearch's Richard Fisher and Guy DeRosa attended the VRX Expo - a gathering of some of the leading edge technology firms helping to drive momentum in the Virtual Reality Universe.


On the back of this event and other VR events we have attended we've been able to make a few observations that might help manage expectations to those interested and to highlight some other areas of interest:

  • VR is great - but anyone expecting to play a game with fluid AAA style graphics whilst being told a story is going to be disappointed. As things stand the experiences VR can offer are still very much in their infancy, and users should expect just that; an experience.
  • Games is only one area of interest in VR - there are many different commercial applications. In Germany experts at Audi have created the technology to allow consumers to view cars that aren't on the forecourt in a VR experience broadening the scope to provide the perfect make, model, colour and spec of car. Thomas Cook has seen an 80% increase in their excursion sales in trial stores after offering customers immersive safari experiences and resort tours. It's a powerful sales tool.
  • Expect to see VR tech as standard at Marketing events as companies want to give attendees an experience they won't forget
  • You might feel sick! At least it has that effect on a substantial majority of the population. That said Crytek's 'The Climb' was our favourite game, demonstrating a clever approach to in-game movement means (almost) no nausea - but beware if you are afraid of heights
  • There is a wide array of hardware -time will tell who wins the battle of the best Mobile VR headset or stand alone headset. It's a battle as old as tech - VHS vs Betamaz - CD vs Vinyl - Bluray vs Streaming - and there will be a handful of hardware at the end


So for now get involved (like we did as you can see), enjoy the tech but remember this isn't the end as VR is still evolving. We can't wait to see what's round the corner

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