Two Years of Climate Impact with Ecologi

Two Years of Climate Impact with Ecologi

Two years ago, we decided it was about time we started giving back to our planet. Our solution was to partner with Ecologi to reduce our environmental impact and bring about positive change for the environment. We chose Ecologi as they provide an effective way for indiviudals and businesses to have a significant impact on the environmental crisis through projects such as tree planting, wind farms and carbon reduction initiatives. 

Over the past 2 years, we have been offsetting the carbon impact of each and every member of our staff, as well as regular injections of tree planting and carbon reduction. This has resulted in

To put these figures into perspective, this is the equivalent of...

Check out our forest and the projects we’ve funded so far here!

As well as our regular monthly donations on behalf of all of our team members, we also created some other schemes to support our work with Ecologi. The first of these is our Green Referral Scheme which is detailed below. The second being donations made from our annual Games and Interactive Salary & Satisfaction Survey. This year we decided to offer a new incentive to complete our survey – for every 500 responses we would plant 500 trees. This resulted in 1000 trees planted as a result of our survey, thanks to all the lovely folks who filled it out! We look forward to reaching new heights with the same scheme next year. 

If you’re interested in the work that Ecologi do and want to become carbon positive yourself, you can sign up as an individual for as little as £4.70 a month. Use this link to gift both you and us 30 trees! 

If you’re keen to support the work that Ecologi do without any money coming out of your pocket, we have the solution! Our Green Referral Scheme offers the opportunity for us to plant 1000 trees on your behalf if you refer someone for one of our roles who goes on to get a new job through us. 

You’ll need to refer them through our referral form and it needs to meet our referral T&C’s - please get in touch if you have any questions.

Want to do your bit for the planet and help someone you know find their dream role at the same time?! Refer a friend to one of our roles today!

Whilst you're here, check out our TikTok covering what we've achieved with Ecologi over the past two years.

Here's to many more years of climate impact!

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