We've had a makeover! Say hello to our new site...

We've had a makeover! Say hello to our new site...

Drum roll please... 🥁🥁🥁


We are so excited for you to finally say hello to our new website and brand refresh!


Back in 2022, we decided it was about time we step up our game and give our website a brand new look and feel. After much discussion, one thing led to another and we concluded that our whole brand was in need of an overhaul!


First up was our logo. Check out the old and new versions:

Old logo

New logo


Our designer, Nick at Studio Gallant, gave our logo a new look by updating our brand patterns and adjusting the colours to give us a fresh new feel – these patterns are reflected all over our new site.

In line with the new logo, our brand colours have also had a makeover, with our signature pink taking a backseat and the introduction of more blue and green hues.

To give the site an exciting new touch, we’ve introduced some new characters, pictured below, which you can find throughout the site, injecting life and colour.

Below you can see the comparison between our old and new site, showing the extent to which our design has moved forward, bringing Skillsearch into the future!



Homepage: Old (left), New (right)



About: Old (left), New (right)



Contact page: Old (left), New (right)



News: Old (left), New (right)


After months of work on the project, we’re thrilled with how the new site and branding has come together. When asked about his thoughts, our CEO, Richard Fisher, said this:


A massive thank you to Nick at Studio Gallant and Paul Silver our Web Developer, who between them brought the new Skillsearch to life, we couldn't have done it without you both 🤩🙌

In line with our new look, all of our assets are having a re-haul, so keep your eyes peeled for future updates, including our all new Games and Interactive Salary and Satisfaction Survey report for 2023!

Freya Simmons

Marketing Manager

Freya is our word wizard and seems to have beautiful words stored in her hands just ready to fall out onto a page. Lucky for us she has chosen to share her skill with us to look after our marketing and make everything you see as enjoyable as possible. Her favourite things to do around Brighton are visits to Devils Dyke and Ditchling Beacon to enjoy the wonderful scenery so with this and her love of words we imagine that in another life she would’ve been the heroine in a Jane Austen novel or Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Europe: +44 (0)1273 287 007

North America: +1 (437) 887 2477


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