Skillsearch and Ecologi - A referral scheme to save the planet

Skillsearch and Ecologi - A referral scheme to save the planet

Updated 28/09/21

Over the past twelve months, Skillsearch have been working with Ecologi to reduce our environmental impact and help bring about positive change for the environment. We chose Ecologi as they provide an effective way for individuals or businesses to have a significant impact on the environmental crisis through projects such as tree planting, wind farms and carbon reduction initiatives. You can read more about their projects here.

Ecologi allows us to be a proud ‘climate positive workforce’ which means that the carbon footprint of our business, and those of each of our individual employees, is offset by the projects we fund (50% of our investment) and the trees that we plant (the other 50%) – the Skillsearch forest has 2,549 trees and counting!

But we’re not just here to tell you that we’re proud as punch to be supporting Ecologi each month – we want to do more and help you to get involved too. If you would also like to become carbon positive, you can sign up as an individual for as little as £4.70 per month and if you join through this link then we will both get an extra 30 trees automatically added to our forests.

However if you’re not ready to sign up yourself yet then we’ve come up with a new way for you to help our planet without any money coming out of your pocket!

Image showing the forrest of trees planted by Skillsearch - 1216 trees as of April 2021

To do this we have updated our referral program so that if you refer someone you know to Skillsearch (and that person goes on to get a new job through us) then we will ‘gift’ £250 worth of trees to you - which would allow Ecologi to plant 2,000 new trees across their global projects!

You will need to send the details of your friend/colleague through our referral form and it needs to meet the conditions in our referral T&Cs so please make sure to have a read through these and get in touch with us if you have any questions. Most recently our projects have included forest protection and restoration in Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea and of course at home in the UK too, so we’re sure that there will be some suitably worthy causes when it comes to your donation.

We are aware this is a change from what standard referral schemes usually promote, but protecting our planet is such an important cause so we hope you will join us in our enthusiasm in supporting Ecologi and the work they are doing!

Our MD Richard Fisher commented on the new referral scheme:

“We’re proud of our work with Ecologi and I am pleased that our new referral scheme will reflect this. Making a donation for successful referrals will give us the opportunity to accelerate tree planting and make a carbon positive impact with every placement we make.”

So if you fancy doing something great for the planet and want to help Ecologi carry on doing their brilliant work, then why not let us know today about that person you know who may want/need a new job soon and see what we can do to help? There’s nothing to lose but so much to gain!

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