SaaS HR Consultants: Adapt Now Or Risk Being Sidelined

For those who feel that the sector is moving away from their core skill set, it's best to get involved with a cloud project as soon as possible to glean a true understanding of a SaaS-powered project and the processes involved. Ideally, work on more than one localisation national SaaS project - and if you can go international, even better.

Finally in five years' time, yes, the focus could swing back to implementation but as any experienced freelance consultant knows, it's best to cover your back and adapt to new trends in the sector - or risk being sidelined.

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Adam Leaver

Associate Director - Workday, HRIS and Finance Systems Specialist

Specialising in Workday, HRIS and Finance tech Adam is always the first in the office and often the last one to leave. We asked Adam to tell us a bit about his personal life but he assured us that he was too focused on work to have one. Despite this he does enjoy the occasional trip to Craven Cottage to watch Fulham although we are not sure that qualifies as stress relief.

Europe: +44 (0)1273 287 007

North America: +1 (437) 887 2477

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