Play@Develop 2018

Play@Develop 2018

After a successful 3 years of fundraising for Special Effect by the beach, we’re bringing Play@Develop back for its fourth year!

This year you can expect games, drinks, a raffle, and loads of free goodies from our lovely studios that are helping support the event. It’s also the perfect place to escape from the world cup (if you’re looking to do so!)

“So, where is Play@Develop going to be?” we hear you ask


The Venue📍 / 🍻

Side Quest

Brighton's very own gaming cafe with consoles old & new, classic arcades and over 70+ boardgames. Located on the beach next to the Pier it's just a short walk (or run, if you’re Pyxel) from the Develop Conference venue and a great place to spend time between the conference and the evening awards!

Map to where to play

The Charity 💖

Special Effect

Special Effect is a gamers charity which puts fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games. We would like to invite you to join us in trying to raise as much money and awareness as possible for this excellent cause!

There will also be raffles with yet more prizes provided by our sponsors and supporters, so plenty of opportunities to donate, contribute and win!

PLEASE make sure you remember to bring cash for donations, raffle tickets and spot game entries - we would love to surpass £1,000 in donations for these guys.

Prizes 🎁

After the generous donation of a gaming laptop last year we will be announcing a great haul of prizes for this year's event!

Don’t miss out any key announcements, such as our main raffle prize announcement, by following the event on twitter @Play_at_Develop

Free Tickets 🎉

You can register for your free ticket to the event here, then just rock up on the day and give your name on the door!

Good Catch Games 😎

Good catch

Our partners for the event this year are Good Catch Games who we are so pleased to have on board. Their games, Simon's Cat Dash, Mr Bean - Risky Ropes to name a couple, have been firm favourites in the office and we're looking forward to the fun things they'll be bringing this year...


Please feel free to fire any questions over to our Chief Organiser: Catrin Jones at or tweet @Play_At_Develop - whether you're interested to know more about our event, or the Develop Conference itself and we will be happy to assist :)

Catrin Jones

Operations Manager

Catrin is a jack of all trades at Skillsearch, but she's master of them all too! The unflappable, enthusiastic face that will be your go-to for any questions - that's for contractors, clients and us in the office as well. She's always ready and willing to help and we haven't yet found a problem that she can't solve. She does have an Achilles heel though as she hasn’t yet worked out how to whistle, which would really come in handy when it comes to her new fur baby – Evie the Cockapoo! 

Europe: +44 (0)1273 287 007

North America: +1 (437) 887 2477

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