Play@Develop 18 - The Year of the Pyxel

Play@Develop 18 - The Year of the Pyxel

Only one year on from the announcement of our new family member - Pyxel the mascot - who has grown from being a timid newbie to a show stopper!

Anyone that posted a picture with Pyxel and the hashtag #playatdevelop got themselves a free Skillsearch Reusable mug and the chance to win a £100 Starbucks voucher to fill up their new mug with!

He loved making so many new friends, so would love for you to come and say hi to him and the team if you see them around at any other events. 

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This year's Play@Develop was one of the busiest we've had with our raffle, tombola, big screen game and picture competition!


Black and White Bushido was brought down by GoodCatch Games and, despite it being great weather outside, still always had a queue of people wanting to get involved which can only go to show how much it was enjoyed!

The surprise hit of the day was the tombola thanks to Special Effect donating over 70 games to be won! There were a few booby prizes in the mix (which made for some laughs!), but with Tomb Raiders, Assassins Creeds and Final Fantasys to be won, everyone was eager to play!

As always, the raffle went down incredibly well with everyone wanting to win the top prize of a Nintendo Switch. We've also received some lovely pictures of people enjoying their Brighton based treats - so thank you to all the companies that donated!



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We have so many thank you's to say.


To Goodcatch Games for being incredible partners and missing half of their summer party to be with us.

To C:\ Side Quest for being our favourite venue yet

And of course, to Special Effect for not only providing helpers and games, but for being a charity that brings together so many people that are all passionate about the industry and making it as inclusive as possible.

But the biggest thank you as always goes out to every one of you who came down. We hope you all had an amazing afternoon and we look forward to seeing you next year!


Operations Manager Catrin Jones

Catrin is a jack of all trades at Skillsearch, but she's master of them all too! The unflappable, enthusiastic face that will be your go-to for any questions - that's for contractors, clients and us in the office as well. She's always ready and willing to help and we haven't yet found a problem that she can't solve. She does have an Achilles heel though as she hasn’t yet worked out how to whistle, which would really come in handy when it comes to her new fur baby – Evie the Cockapoo! 

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