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Updated 14/04/21

VFX Artist - Remote - AAA Games - Well-Known IP - Award-Winning Studio

VFX Artist in Barcelona - Vibrant Studio - Great Benefits - World Leading Mobile Games Developer

Remote VFX Artist - Competitive Salary - Console Level Games - Industry Leading Mobile RPG Project

FX Supervisor in Glasgow - Animation and VFX Studio - Award-Winning Projects - Work on an Upcoming Feature Film

Senior VFX Artist in Farnborough - Award-winning studio - Brand new VR title - leading indie developer

Remote Lead VFX Artist - Sole VFX Role on New Title - AAA Sci-Fi IP - Console & PC Games


These VFX jobs are an insight into the newest opportunities we have available, however we have plenty more available if VFX is what you're looking for! Click to find a comprehensive list of all of our VFX roles.

We've got open opportunities from studios around the world that are looking for talented people to join them, so there's bound to be something perfect for you. Want to be kept in the know about new VFX positions? Keep an eye on our new job pages to stay updated on the new roles we're getting in.

Get in touch with Joe below to chat more about these and more VFX positions!

Pyxel showing

Senior VFX and Animation Consultant Joe McKernan

Joe is our Animation and VFX Consultant, his passion for the latter springing from being blown away by the effects in Star Wars at a young age. His love hasn’t wavered and Joe always seems to bring out a new Star Wars t shirt every dress down we have! We are lucky to have him considering that he once got stuck half way up a mountain in Borneo so now he goes for flatter holidays – most recently driving across America in a Mustang.

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