New Game Production Jobs

New Game Production Jobs

Updated 20/11/20


Producer in Leamington Spa - Employee-First Studio - Fully Remote Working Options - Exciting AAA Projects

Senior Producer in Guildford - Established AAA Developer - Exciting Narrative Driven Games - Great Salary & Benefits Package

Senior Producer in Berlin - Globally Successful Mobile Developer - Well Known IP - Great Salary & Benefits Package

Lead Producer in Amsterdam - Senior Management Role - Innovative VR Projects - Incredible Location

Lead Producer in Lyon - Key Production Leadership Role - Established Indie Developer - Cross-Platform Developer

Head of Production in London - Innovative Projects - Cutting-Edge Technology - Senior Management Opportunity


The above production roles are just a few of our latest opportunities, but we've got loads more available! If you'd like to see a comprehensive list of the production roles we have open currently, you can find that here: production jobs...

We are always getting new jobs in from some of the best, most impressive, innovative studios across the globe, so we're sure to have something that's perfect for you. Check back here each week to keep up to date with our new roles, or get in touch with Jack below to chat about these, and other openings available in games production!


Senior Production & Design Consultant Jack Reid

Jack looks after three areas, Games Design, Games Production and Game Analytics yet with the help of his near photographic memory he will always remember you and everything you’ve ever discussed. He’s no stranger to production himself, spending a few years producing incredible tapas as Head Chef of a Spanish Tapas restaurant. Jack also owns a pug called Pumba who was the ring bearer at his wedding and even got his own custom suit to match the groomsmen.

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