How to Game Greener

How to Game Greener

Monday 22nd April marks Earth Day 2019, which gives us a chance to reflect on the status of the environment and our treatment of it.

In a world, with increasing environmental issues we can’t afford to ignore it anymore. Climate change is real and we need to do all we can for the future of this planet we call home. 

From recycling regularly to walking rather than driving, there are lots of ways we can reduce our effect on the planet. 

But how about our leisure time? Whilst you may, not be able to save the world whilst gaming (not yet anyway), we take a look at some ways you lessen your effect on it. 


Buy Digital

Buy digital

Many gamers still prefer the tactile feel of a physical copy. A 2013 poll said that 74% of players prefer to own physical copies of video games. 

However, when you start looking at the resources required to manufacture, transport and distribute physical editions of games and the dramatic environmental impacts it has, digital is really a no brainer!


  • Did you know... If Call of Duty games were downloaded instead of manufactured, it would have the same impact as taking 20,131 cars off the road for a year?! WTF!


Where possible, download your titles when you can. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you might save some pennies too as the PlayStation and Xbox stores have regular sales you can only take advantage of online. One for you, one for the Planet!


Trade-in rather than bin

If you’re a gaming Luddite or of the 'sentimental sort' and have to own a physical copy of a game, then please take the time to trade it in when you’re finished playing with it.

Taking used copies of games to your local gaming shop will not only enable (multiple) other players to enjoy the same physical disc multiple times over without the need to manufacture or distribute more copies, but most gaming shops also offer in-store credit (or cold hard cash) in return for trading in your titles; with this in mind you have no excuse!


Upgrade your gaming PC

Gaming PCs account for 2.5% of PCs worldwide, but they account for about 20% of global computer energy use.

Whilst there are some components – primarily hardware – of your gaming PC that you’ll struggle to make green due to the nature of their origin (just buy second hand when you can!), there’s a lot you can do on the software side.

  • Utilise your PC’s power settings, to ensure that your PC will automatically dim the screen or go into sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity

  • Adjust your GPU settings to ensure your framerate is operating at the right level for your PC’s power and graphical consumption, so you’re not wasting power on producing a certain FPS your PC can’t resolve


Unplug your Console

Finally, this is a simple one but about half of all gamers leave their consoles plugged in when not in use – this sucks electricity even when they’re turned off.

Whilst occasionally you might want to use your console’s standby function – to recharge controllers or download an update – just having your console plugged into the mains sucks a small amount of electricity.

This is particularly scary when you think that your console is probably plugged in 24 hours a day, 365 a year.

So when you’re finished playing, don’t forget to switch off your console at the mains.

Last but not least, don’t forget to unplug your Switch, DS and PSP chargers!

Looking to lessen your impact on the planet with a shorter commute, remote working or moving to a greener city? Take a look at our range or jobs all over the world including those in Games & Interactive and Enterprise Systems.

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