Hottest Game Releases for May

Hottest Game Releases for May

Summer is on its way!

The gloomy weather, that we’re generally cursed with for the first few months of the year, has finally started to lift. And once the nation has finished reeling in shock from weather that’s not completely miserable… we can look forward to the time of the year when we start seeing some major titles being released onto storefronts, trying to get in before the madness of the June-July rushes.

And what better way to celebrate the glorious weather than to sit inside, draw the curtains, and play some awesome new video games! Here’s my pick for May…


Total War: Three Kingdoms

Presenting itself as the title that will re-define the series, Three Kingdoms takes the colossal real-time strategy franchise, Total War, to a brand-new era and region, the Tripartite Division of China.

Total War is a franchise that revels in the large-scale conflicts through-out history, so the warring factions of ancient China seem like a shoo-in for clashing armies, political maneuvering and the founding of generation-spanning Dynasties.

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A feature unique to this title, and of any RTS to date, is that you can choose whether you want the game to keep to the historically accurate “records” mode. Or, you can go for “romance” mode which means Commanders and Heroes become martial demi-gods, cutting down soldiers by the hundreds.

Either way, Creative Assembly has ensured there’s something for everyone in their newest installment.

You can lead your forces to victory on the 23rd of May on PC. Pre-order here.


A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale follows the story of a young woman and her little brother, on a journey through one of the darkest periods of history: The Black Death. On their travels, Amicia and Hugo are tasked with overcoming desperate and ruthless bandits, the merciless inquisition and a never-ending swarm of ravenous rats.

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With a tone similar to that of Game of Thrones, APT:I is not for the faint of heart, and manages to truly capture the horror of a collapsing civilisation, and the lengths people will go to in order to survive just a few more days within the rotting remains of a country plunged into chaos.

The struggle to survive in Feudal France begins on the 14th of May, on PC, PS4 and XB1. Pre-order here.


Rage 2

The FPS shooter genre seems to have been revitalized recently; with returning legends such as DOOM and Wolfenstein, the market is definitely there for people who are looking to throw realism out the window, in return for some over-the-top shooter action. This is where Bethesda’s new title, Rage 2, comes in, as it throws players into a Mad Max-esque world, featuring an array of wild enemies and a range of ways to kill them…

Rage 2

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Rage 2 seems to combine the best of both worlds, as is being jointly developed by Avalanche, known for their large open worlds with plenty of things to see and destroy (Mad Max, Just Cause), as well as ID Software, known for their mechanically sound and extremely fun gunplay (DOOM, Quake).

You can join the madness on the 14th of May on PC, PS4, and XB1. Pre-order here.


Oxygen Not Included

Although it’s a big month for AAA releases, I can’t help but talk about cutesy sci-fi management game, Oxygen Not Included. Created by Indie darling, Klei Entertainment, developers of hit titles such as Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja.

In ONI, you will be tasked with keeping an intrepid group of space-faring explorers alive, managing everything from the rations, the power, and even (as the name suggests) the very air your comrades breath…

Oxygen Not Included

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Klei brings back it’s simple but compelling art style, as well as their original blend of black comedy that their previous titles are known for and is sure to be another lovable addition to the management genre.

Oxygen Not Included will leave Early Access on the 28th of May on PC. Pre-order it here.


Team Sonic Racing

I’m sure we all have fond memories of playing the original Mario Kart back on the Wii. The sheer delight of traversing the fantastical tracks and breaking down friendships with the infamous blue shell of death. There’s a simple joy to the Kart-racing genre that can mean young kids, teens and even grandparents can pick up and play with the family.

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Sumo Digital looks to create the perfectly crafted next-gen kart racer, with a mix of arcade modes and competitive gameplay, spearheaded by a roster of some of the franchises most iconic characters such as Sonic, Shadow and (a personal fav) Big the Cat!

With couch co-op of up to 4 players, we’re ready to boot up, start the engines, stall, try again, and then blast off!

Team Sonic Racing will be drifting onto store shelves on the 21st of May, on PC, PS4, XB1 and Switch. Pre-order here.


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