Hottest Game Releases for July

Hottest Game Releases for July

E3 is over for another year, and despite some major players not even turning up (we missed you Sony!), it was a hell of a ride! With various AAA announcements of some of the biggest franchises around, not to mention some fascinating and unique indie titles, plus there was even a little tease of Microsoft’s new console!

With that in mind, I’m sure we’re going to see studios around the world getting their head down to ensure they get their key titles ready for release and live up to the (perhaps over-exaggerated) promises made at this year’s E3!

So, because of this, we’ll most likely see a significant dip in all AAA releases (bar 1 mentioned below), from now, until the month of September unleashes the busiest release window in the industry! So, for July’s run down we have focused on the smaller studios and some of the incredible games launching this month...


Wolfenstein: Youngblood

As we’ve seen with the recent success of DOOM and RAGE games, it’s fair to say that single-player arcade FPS titles are having an extremely solid resurgence, with many players choosing them over more mainstream multiplayer shooters.

The new addition to the Wolfenstein franchise looks to bring in the best of both worlds! By creating a mission-based co-op adventure featuring the twin daughters of BJ Blazkowicz, the previous protagonist of the franchise, who are now forced into action after the disappearance of their father, and the increased brutality of the Nazi regime. 

You and a comrade will be able to bring down the Third Reich on the 26th of July, on PC, PS4, XB1, Switch, or even the new Google Stadia. Pre-order it here.


wolfenstein game image

Image Source: SteamPowered


Stranger Things 3

I’m sure most of you have seen, if not heard good things, about Netflix’s hit original Stranger Things, a horror-drama about a group of kids pitted against an otherworldly horror. The show’s immediate success has ensured that the TV Series has secured a third season, alongside an official “companion game” (as the game's description vaguely tells us).

Although having flown under the radar, this game looks to be a retro isometric pixel-art adventure game, in which you and a friend can play as one of shows 12 main characters in order to unravel the mystery of the show ahead …

Step into the unsettling town of Hawkins on July the 4th, on PC, PS4, XB1, and Switch. Pre-order it here.


Stranger Things 3 Game

Image Source: Den Of Geek


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

With the announcement of Crystal Dynamics upcoming Marvel game, the hype of E3 and the pretty stunning cinematic trailer we recently saw has taken much of the attention away from MUA3, despite it’s much earlier release.

So, whilst it’s likely we’ll see a slightly quieter released for Marvels next game instalment, from what we’ve seen, MUA3 still looks to be another bombastic isometric hero brawler, now featuring up to 4 players with the freedom to choose from a wide variety of your favourite childhood heroes, and after the colossal success of Avengers: End Game, Thanos also makes a return, pitching players against him and his Black Order… I’m excited for this one!

Assemble the Avengers on the 19th July on the Nintendo Switch. Pre-order it here.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 game stils

Image Source: 


Sea of Solitude

Last year at E3 we saw a pretty memorable announcement of an indie title, published under EAs new indie division that went by the name of Sea of Solitude. It was a stunning and really quite beautiful trailer, which we’ll soon see come to life with its release later this month.

What we’ve seen of the game most recently, it looks to be a game delving into modern day physiological issues such as mental health as well as the feeling of isolation and lack of purpose. Throughout the game, our protagonist, Kay, will encounter these giant intimidating creatures, each one representing a different fear or torment.

This looks to be like one of those titles that will be remembered long after release, on par with the likes of Limbo and Journey.

You’ll be able to experience this long-awaited, atmospheric adventure game yourself on the 5th July, on PC, PS4, and XB1. Pre-order it here.


Sea of Solitude gane Still



Attack on Titan: The Final Battle

The well-established ‘Attack on Titan’ series is one of the most popular shows to come out of Japan and has found itself landing a huge fanbase in the West. The long-running show, launched in 2013, and after 6 years of global success, has sadly recently announced the final season is just around the corner.

With the global appeal of the show, it makes sense that a game counterpart is created alongside the series. The games have previously run in parallel to the events and development of the show, but in the final installment, Attack on Titan: The Final Battle, we’ll see the climactic lead up to the franchise’s conclusion. For any newcomers to the show, it seems like a pretty weird concept at first glance. But you can’t deny, playing what is essentially a medieval Spiderman, zipping around a fantasy world of lumbering and carnivorous titans… is fun as hell!

Watch humanity take its last stand on the 5th of July on PC, PS4, XB1 and Switch! Pre-order it here!


Attack on Titan Game still



That's it for July, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this month’s list. Give me a shout on Twitter @SansonWray if there’s something you’d like to discuss!

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