After speaking with people who attended Workday Rising, one thing that stands out to us is: Have companies given themselves enough time to prepare for GDPR, the practices that must be in place, and considered who will be able to provide them with the right resources to do so?

There has been an increase in people undergoing training and courses to become GDPR specialists in order to help companies manage how their data is going to be distributed and handled. Have HR teams put enough thought into how much time and effort this is going to be on their current workforce and do they have the skills in house to be able to deal with this?

How important is having knowledge of HR processes to really understand how GDPR and HR data will be correlated?

Not only do companies have to review their data of employees but there’s also an amount of data that will be collected through applications for new jobs.

As with any new legislation which passes where there are fines, there is going to be a company with which they will make an example of. Don’t let it be you.

Read CIPD's breakdown on GDRP here for further information

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