GDC Top Tips - Expert Advice from those in the Know

GDC Top Tips - Expert Advice from those in the Know

GDC 2019 is in full swing across the pond, and we are really trying not to get FOMO with all the updates coming through on Twitter!

Whether you’re a seasoned GDC veteran, or venturing to the San Francisco event as a total novice, GDC can be full on! Five days of conferences, events, parties, and sooooo many new faces can take their toll. So ensure you have a safe, productive and happy trip read on to discover the best #GDCTips and #GDCAdvice out there (as rounded up from the Twitter-sphere by us)…


1. Pace yourself

As @theberlz says, take it easy. Get some sleep and make sure you build some downtime into the busy schedule. You don’t want to cram as much as possible into the first couple of days and miss out on something that interests you towards the end.


2. Get inspired

Blind Sparrow Interactive Tweet

Meeting like-minded people from all over the world gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizon and think outside of the box. @BlindSparrowInt hopes that new connections at GDC will lead to more accessible games in the future… definitely something we’d get behind!


3. Don’t forget how you started out

Joshua Lynch Tweet

We all have to start somewhere and GDC sees a lot of students and people at the very start of their career investing a lot of money into the trip. It’s times like this that veterans should be nurturing new aspiring talent… as @bigred3d puts so well.


4. Muti-task

GDC Tips tweet

How do you fit in all of the wonderful things on your 'must see' list? Make like @andrewbrophy and multitask. 😊


5. Respect the Makers

Respect the makers

Before you start slagging off a game, for goodness sake make sure you’re not speaking to someone who put their blood, sweat, and tears into it! But on the flip side if you’re lucky enough to meet one of your heroes tell them how much you love their work – just don’t go too overboard. @CurryGames (AKA @patrickmcurry) shared this, plus a whole heap of other GDC tips that are well worth checking out!


6. It’s OK not to remember everyone

Elie Abraham Tweet

We are only human and unless you are a certain type of person you’ll never remember everyone’s names! As @EliaAbraham64 says ‘it’s OK not to remember someone's name’ but recognise that remembering who they are or why you enjoyed meeting them before is just as lovely. 

Don’t be shy if you’re unsure, ask again. If in doubt here are some good tips on helping new names stick.


7. Enjoy what’s happening outside of the event too

GDC Tips

When you attend a conference, especially one as full-on as GDC, it’s easy to get wrapped up in it and not actually enjoy the city you are visiting. Doing something outside the event can help you gain clarity and reflect on what you've experienced so far. @krispiotrowski’s top tip is to take a moment and ‘dip your toes in the ocean’. It may be freezing, but it’ll be worth it.  


8. Don’t compare yourself to others

McFunkypants GDC tips tweet

This is an import one as these events where you meet some many peers and inspirational people, it can be easy to get carried away with thinking you are inferior in some way. As @McFunkypants so rightly says, ‘it’s not a competition’. Enjoy it, learn from it, and be inspired to live the life you want, not the one you feel you should be living.

And if living your best life involves making a career change, you’re in the right place! Take a look at our worldwide range of Games jobs from Unity Developer roles, to Games Art Jobs and everything in between.


9. Assume everyone could be your potential next boss

The games industry is a small one. While our general advice is to be nice and respectful in all of your every day life, at a conference it is key. You don't have to constantly be in interview mode but whether they're already a big dog at your favorite company, or a little indie creator with a big dream - they could be your future boss!


10. Aaaand finally it’s OK not to be there!


If, like us you are susceptible to a bit of FOMO, just remember, as @fizzychicken so rightly says ‘You can still be a good game Dev and not go to GDC’. It is important to get out an meet people but there will be so many opportunities so don't worry one bit if GDC this year, or any year isn't for you for whatever reason.


In today’s world of social media, it’s easy to feel left out, like the rest of the world is at an event you’d sell your granny to attend – but there are many more games conferences that are more affordable and more feasible to attend.

Take a look at our guide to The Best Events to Attend if You Work (or Want to Work) in Games for a few ideas and to see where you'll find us this year.

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