Games Industry Events Round-Up: Corona Edition

Games Industry Events Round-Up: Corona Edition

We are seeing more and more online events popping up to try and keep the wonderful games industry community alive and as supported as ever.

Here we bring together a list of events happening in the coming months so you can get involved! It's by no means exhaustive, as across the industry people are embracing this new way of connecting, so if there's anything else you think needs to be added to the list then let us know! You can get in touch on



RealTime Conference - 8-9th June

There will be live demos, exclusive keynotes, panel discussions and group chats to showcase the best of the real-time community. They have a range of ticket prices to allow everyone to join in, regardless of their current situation. You can register for your ticket here.


Pocket Gamer Connects Digital - 8-12th June

After the roaring success of the last event, Pocket Gamer Connects is treating us all to a second one! You'll get all the wonderful-ness of the normal conference (talks, panels, networking etc) while staying safe at home. You can get your tickets here.


Sweden Game Pitch - 17th June

Pitching your game is hard enough at the best of time so it's wonderful to see that Sweden Game Area have moved this event online. You'll get the chance to pitch your game to relevant investors and publishers and early bird tickets are still on sale for 359SEK. Sign up for your ticket here.


BIG Digital - 22nd-26th June

The Brazillian Independent Games festival is running it's first online event and this is a great chance to learn more about the industry by attending Latin America's largest video games conference, without the travel costs! You can find out more information and register for the event here.


INDIGOx - 26th June

This is a chance for developers, publishers, investors, press and any other businesses in the industry to get together and build relationships and inspire future projects! You can pitch as an indie, listen to talks as a developer and network as yourself! You can find out more info and buy tickets on Eventbrite here



Special Effect Virtual London 10k - 5th July

Special Effect, the UK charity beloved by the games industry, is looking to get people involved in the now cancelled London 10k by completing it from their homes! That's not to say you have to run around your back garden but you can now sign up to run 10k for them in your local area to keep the fundraising going and help them to carry on changing lives. You can find out more info and how to sign up here. 


Games for Change - 14-16th July

The move to a digital festival for these guys have prompted them to make the event free for everyone! It will be an incredible few days of looking at how video games and immersive media can foster resilience, connectedness, and well-being. You can find out more and sign up for a range of tickets here.


First Playable - 15-16th July

Italy's B2B gaming event opened it's doors for the first time last year and not even the whole country shutting down will stop them getting everyone for the second year! Italian studios and developers from across the world will be able to come together and support each other during a difficult time for the country. Added bonus - international publishers and journalists will get a package of food and wine to virtually transport them to bella Italia! Tickets aren't available yet but we will update here when they are.



Gamescom - 25-29th August

While, unsurprisingly, Gamescom will not be opening it's doors this year to avoid throwing the hundreds of thousands of people into rooms together, they are moving to an online event! Exact details haven't yet been released but you can keep an eye on their Twitter as they're planning to announce more information mid-May.

Past Events



DevGAMM -  14-15 May

For anyone working in the CIS region or with an interest in game development across the world, DevGAMM have tickets on sale from $40 for the two days where you'll find a whole host of speakers from EA DICE, Ubisoft, King and many more wonderful studios. More info on their website here.


PC Gamer - Atomhawk Takeover - 11-15th May

Atomhawk, an awesome studio in the UK and Canada are this week's spotlight on the PCGamer forum. There is an AMA with their Vancouver based Director, a chance to win Steam codes and swag, along with tonnes of info on life at Atomhawk. You'll need a PC Gamer login for this one but apart form that it's completely free! Get involved here. 


Working From Home for Game Teams - 15th May

Join this webinar to hear some tips on how to work from home. Both presenters will share experiences on what has worked for them (along with the less successful parts) to help everyone deal with issues and make the most of the current situation. You can register for your free ticket here.


The Digital Download - 20th May

Run by AWS (Amaazon Web Services) this day of talks will include hearing from Behavior Interactive, Ubisfot, Gearbox Software and many more are using cloud software to build and support their games. You can find out more info and register for a free ticket here. 


Monetization, More than Mobile - 27th May

This will be a treat for anyone involved or interested in product and monetization. Three experts will talk through best practices, different models, player behaviour and more! It's free to register and you can sign up here.


Nordic Game Online - 27-29th May

Nordic Game is splitting this year's event with part being held online on May and the other part in November on site in Sweden. For the online portion they've got a whole range of social and networking events along with the normal impressive speaker line-up. You can get tickets just to the online bit or invest in a ticket that will take you to the November one too as a future present to yourself! You can get your tickets here. Investment Summit Online - 28-29th May

Another yearly event that has moved online, Investment Summit will be a day of getting game developers the help they need to secure funding for their games. You'll hear from studios, publishers and investors to get a range of opinions and advice from live talks, and there is also the ability to sign on for one-on-one advice sessions. It's free for anyone currently in the games industry and you can sign up for your free ticket here. 

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