Games Brains of Brighton 2022

Games Brains of Brighton 2022

Our annual Games Brains of Brighton quiz is back and better than ever!

After a hiatus thanks to Covid, it came back with a bang for its sixth year…

With a brand new shiny trophy and all the kudos up for grabs, twelve teams came down to battle it out to be crowned the winners, and raise money for SpecialEffect in the process.


The Charity

SpecialEffect helps people with disabilities and illnesses to be able to enjoy video games, despite not having the physical ability to do so with standard gaming equipment. They do this by creating custom controllers for each individual – enabling them to enjoy and really get into gaming!

So far, their custom equipment has taken them from rejigging classic controllers for easier accessibility to building eye-control technology and chin-operated joysticks! SpecialEffect visit individuals to find out their unique needs and then go away and create technology that truly is personalised to them.

This amazing work levels the playing field by making games accessible to absolutely everybody and brings families and friends together. It has been found that the creation and use of such technology and devices has worked to aid therapy, rehabilitation, and confidence in such individuals.

A massive shoutout to Liam Lawler from SpecialEffect who came along to this years Games Brains quiz to join the Skillsearch quiz team (we needed all the help we could get!) and say a few words about the work they do.


The Teams

The game studios of Brighton were out in force on this chilly December evening! A massive thank you to FuturLab, Hangar 13, Unity, Second Impact, Electric Square, Studio Gobo and MAG Interactive for coming along and supporting this year’s event.


The Quiz

This year our quiz was a team effort from Joe, Andy and Wade who put their heads together to create our most challenging set of questions yet! And in line with tradition, the quiz was delivered beautifully by our resident quizmaster, Joe.

Our quiz this year was made up of six head scratching rounds…


Picture round

Upon arrival, teams were met with a challenging picture round, made up of zoomed in game covers. Can you decipher which games these are from?

Answers at the bottom of the blog!*




Games x3

Rounds two, three and five were all focused on games knowledge, from Mario to Call of Duty and Goat Simulator to Elden Ring, breadth of knowledge was required to score highly on these rounds!


Audio round

Possibly the trickiest round Games Brains has ever seen, Wade put together a collection of 12 game sounds and teams were asked to jot down the game series that they’re drawn from. It’s safe to say this wasn’t the highest scoring round!



Between quiz rounds we’d been zipping round the teams selling raffle tickets to raise some extra cash for SpecialEffect, and just before the final round it was time to draw the raffle!

With a gaming backpack, high-tech headset and signed football shirt from Brighton and Hove Albion FC up for grabs, the stakes were high! Congratulations to the three winners and a massive thank you to all those who bought a raffle ticket.


The big finale… The Price Is Right!

Like an old friend, our The Price is Right round was welcomed back with open arms.

One person from each team was invited up to the stage and seven game titles were displayed one by one. For each game the teams used their higher or lower arrows to decide which one they thought took longer to complete.

Get one wrong and you’re out! Taking the walk of shame back to your table…

At the end we were left with a showdown of two teams, ending in Studio Gobo taking home an additional five points for a 100% correct scoresheet!


And the winner is…


Massive congrats to this dedicated team who held the lead throughout the quiz, a very well deserved win!

And a big thank you to all the other teams FuturLab, Unity, Second Impact, Electric Square, Studio Gobo, MAG Interactive and of course the Skillsearch + SpecialEffect team for being great sports and a lot of fun!

Want to get your hands on our quiz?

Drop me an email on and I’ll send you over this year’s quiz so you can play at home or in your studio.


*Answers: Far cry 1, Dark souls 3, Borderlands 3, Superhot, Mirrors edge, GTA Vice city, Halo 1, Xcom 2, The Outer Worlds, Witcher 3

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