Female Protagonists: Celebrating International Women's Day

Female Protagonists: Celebrating International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, we’re taking a look at some of the top games out there with female protagonists! 

Many people in the games industry having been working for years to make sure that female representation is not only in our studios, but also in the games being published. As a result of this we’ve been treated to some truly excellent titles starring heroines who will be sure to inspire and captivate a much more diverse gaming audience.

Here's are five of the biggest titles of recent years with female characters at the helm! 


Horizon: Zero Dawn

Previously known for the shooting franchise Killzone, Guerrilla Games announcing a vibrant and unique game like Horizon: Zero Dawn seemed to come straight out of left field.

The gameplay is extremely enjoyable but the real highlight here is the story and characters, with intrigue driving the plot forward, and some enjoyable writing from a bad-ass protagonist. You play as Alloy, who was cast out of her tribe as a girl and, after being attacked by a mysterious cult, has to journey through what’s left of the planet. 

In the years since the world first fell in love with Alloy one of the things I've enjoyed is the impressive cosplay of her that people have created! She's such a distinctive character that I'm not surprised people have run with it and created their own masterpieces. The cosplay below is one by MsSkunk on Instagram - one of her many incredible cosplay outfits!

Image of the character Aloy next to MsSkunk in cosplay as Alloy


Tomb Raider

The original Tomb Raider games was probably the first time a lot of the current generation of games industry women, saw a female character head up a game. Being able to fight and problem solve her way through the game like an absolute boss had young girls captivated. But from a female empowerment perspective, it perhaps didn’t start off on the best foot thanks to some very questionable proportions. However, the 2013 reboot made by the talented team at Crystal Dynamics – gave a much stronger focus on Lara Croft as a person, and not just a generic eye-candied character to drive the game forward. 

She's the same unflappable fighting machine that we all fell in love with, but now will bring the next generation of gamers into her world with a less male-focused look. 

Picture showing the evolution of the Lara Croft Character



Control, I believe is one of Remedy’s finest achievements – and as it managed to take home various awards and nominations for best action title, best story, best art direction (the list goes on) it’s clear to see it’s made quite the impact.

Control follows the story of Jesse Faden, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, and in case you're one of the few people who hasn't played it yet I'm not going to include any spoliers here about the game. But what I think is most important about Jesse is that she doesn't fall into the same personality cliques as many other female characters. She's not sassy, cheeky or sarcastic. She's a straight faced woman with a job to do and a cause that drives her, and that's how she stays throughout. The fact that she is still captivating is a real step for female characters, and the representation of woman as the varied and complex characters that we are! 

Jesse Faden from Control


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

One of the most popular franchises of all time, Uncharted, focuses on Nathan Drake who along the way, meets a few different women all of whom were complex characters but that ended up being reduced to a helper or love interest in Nathan's story.

Luckily, Naughty Dog seemed to realise the potential in these women so for Lost Legacy Chloe Frazer was brought front and centre. This allowed us to see her full range - the trained and experienced treasure hunter without her being stuck in the 'love interest' box as she was before. 

Another important aspect of Chloe is her Indian heritage that is tied into her story throughout - which makes her the one of the only non-white woman that has headed up a AAA game in recent years and even then being half Indian and half Australian shows that there is a lot of work still to be done here.

Chloe Frazer from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Another NPC that was finally upgraded to a main character is Billie Lurk from the Dishonored franchise. Bethesda really hit it out of the park with Billie and this expansion. Not only is she a black woman with mixed heritage and so will be a place for many women to feel represented that weren't before. While her sexuality isn't something that is at the forefront of the game, it is mentioned throughout in audio and other areas that she is also bisexual. It's not shouted about but it's there and that it very important for making all female gamers feel seen in the games that they love. 


Billie Lurk from Dishonoured: Death of the Outsider


The Last of Us

Since we last celebrated International Women’s Day, we’ve finally had the chance to enjoy the long-awaited sequel to the original The Last of Us game following its release last summer. Although the first instalment in the series focused on both Joel and Ellie as protagonists, Part II sees Ellie take centre stage as we follow her story in post-apocalyptic America. 

They move to having two female playable characters of Ellie and Abby who are very different characters with conflicting interests which again helps to move away from the female character tropes that we have seen in the past. 

It’s safe to say this sequel from Naughty Dog was received pretty well. Having been largely seen as the most highly anticipated game of the year across the board, it certainly didn’t disappoint! Winning over 260 Game of The Year awards and breaking a record in doing so, if there’s one game here you’re considering getting your hands on in honour of International Women’s Day, The Last of Us II is a safe bet for an unforgettable gameplay experience and will hopefully pave the way for more games with incredible female characters for us to play!


Rainbow Line

So, there’s a round-up of our favourite games around at the moment with female protagonists, in celebration of women in games for International Women’s Day! 

If you’re keen to stay on the girl power hype, have a read of our Women In Games 10 year challenge blog from last year, where we spoke with some powerful women in the games industry. You can also check out our 2020 survey blog on the industry’s gender pay gap here, which will be updated with our new 2021 data very soon.

Rainbow Line

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