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Environment Artist Job in Leamington Spa - Cutting-edge technology - AAA studio - Genre-defining titles

Senior Environment Artist - Combat games - Indie studio - Creative autonomy

Senior Environment Artist in London - Maya and Unity - Sci-fi style - New console project

Lead Environment Artist in Dublin - AAA projects - Creative environment - Tailored relocation support

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Art Consultant Georgia James

Georgia is here for artists of any shape, size or speciality. She’s got some nifty artistic ability herself although previously that’s been channelled into photography where she’s a artistic whizz and can make the camera do anything she wishes.   She works damn hard so loves her holidays to switch off and gives Milan and Tenerife as her top two destinations. We’re still slightly disappointed that she didn’t bring an armadillo back after meeting some in Tenerife though as we think an office armadillo would be wonderful!

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