eCommerce Team Q&A!

eCommerce Team Q&A!

Did you know we have a dedicated eCommerce team here at Skillsearch?!

Get acquainted with our eCommerce Consultants, Jack and Imogen with our Q&A! Read on to find out what drew them to the industry, if you should be job hunting during the festive season and more!

How long have you been at Skillsearch?

JACK: A year and a half 😊

IMOGEN: I started at Skillsearch in early August, so just over 3 months ago


What drew you to eCommerce recruitment?

JACK: Recruitment as an industry interested me as I felt it would suit my personality, previous experience, and mindset when it comes to working hard and being rewarded for it. When Giles Fenwick reached out and spoke to me about a possible opening as an eCommerce recruiter, I was immediately interested.

When I looked into it in more detail, the sector fascinated me. During Covid, online buying/shopping exploded and became an essential aspect to so many businesses! With the industry booming, I knew it was a great time to get onboard.

IMOGEN: I have always worked in a sales-based industry, but I was drawn to the eCommerce sector because it is essentially recruiting for everything that contributes to online buying. I online shop fairly frequently so I think I relate and understand the necessity for the industry – particularly post Covid/going back to on site jobs and no longer having the time to shop in the same way. So I saw that the industry would keep growing, with the growing need for people that specialise in eCommerce and that’s why I am now working in it.

What’s something you’ve learnt about ecommerce since being in this job that you find interesting?

JACK: Something I find very interesting in eCommerce is the huge variety of different approaches there are to ultimately achieve the same outcome. There is no one perfect way to achieve the ultimate eCommerce experience but speaking to different candidates/professionals every day it is amazing how different people work and operate but all do so well and are very successful in their varying methods. It keeps the industry interesting and means everyone must adapt and innovate every day to stay with common trends and behaviours.

IMOGEN: The variety of roles within eCommerce – and this can relate to anything online to the more technical side. Such as merchandising to marketing (digital & organic, PPC, CRM, programmatic, paid, acquisition, social media) to general ecommerce, trade, content, performance & strategy. All these job roles come at various levels as well, stretching from exec/associates to heads of and directors in their own right.

What’s one thing that you’ve noticed as an online shopper since working in ecommerce that you never noticed before?

JACK: The most significant thing that I have noticed as an online shopper since working in the industry, is just how much effort goes into building an eCommerce website and how many elements there are that contribute towards it.

Ordinarily, when purchasing something online, I would casually find what I was looking for, scroll through, and checkout. Contrastingly now, I notice all the different features throughout the customer journey- From product placement & display to the simplicity and efficiency of the website from a customer’s perspective.

IMOGEN: The use of strategic ads. Companies monitor how buyers behave individually on a website and will then use this information to influence your buying. For instance, they can by add pop up discounts near the exit bar as you go to leave, or promote similar products in pop up ads you might want instead – based on previous buyer history. Strategic adds also stretches to offline promotions, whereby companies will launch discounts once you have left a website, via your phone notifications or emails, to encourage a buyer to return and now buy their products at a reduced price.

Christmas is just around the corner! Is now a good time to be looking for a new job in eCommerce?

JACK: The Black Friday and Christmas period in eCommerce is one of, if not the busiest time of year for the industry. As a junior staff member, it is an incredible time to learn and develop from experienced members of staff, but also indulge yourself in a time where if you can do well, you will do well all year! (Jumping in at the deep end if you like)

As a more senior member of staff, it is a great way to accelerate the cultivating period of a new role, new brand, and new team. So, in short- Yes it is a fantastic time to be looking for a new role!

IMOGEN: I think it’s always a good time to be looking for an eCommerce-based job, as with every new start-up or expansion within a company, eCommerce based workers are required to support the business and sales online. But I think the market can differ for eCommerce depending on the time of year and the industry.

With the festivities around the corner many retail and consumer companies will be recruiting for associate/junior level eCommerce candidates particularly so that they can keep up with the increased output of Christmas advertising/marketing and demand/sales. However, this might differ for top level roles – apparel and consumer industries may hold off from sourcing higher level paid candidates throughout the Christmas period, as their remaining budget will be going towards the Christmas demand. Whereas the tech, agency and IT sector would be largely unaffected by this and would continue to hire through all levels for the next year.

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