International Woman's Day 2020 - CV Review for Girls Graduating in Games

International Woman's Day 2020 - CV Review for Girls Graduating in Games

Are you a woman, graduating from a Games or Interactive related course in 2020??

Well, in celebration of International Woman's Day 2020 and their official tag line #EachForEqual, we want to offer final year female & female-identifying students an opportunity to have their CV and/or portfolios reviewed by our very own games team giving you the best possible head start in the industry. 


What do you need to do?

  • Read this blog on writing the ideal CV for the games industry
  • Polish up your portfolio & CV - remember to be creative!
  • Email your portfolio or CV to by Friday, March 27th, 2020
  • make sure you put "IWD CV Review" in the subject line so we can find it
  • Please also include within the email: Name; DOB; Name of your University and tutor; Name of course and graduation date; Twitter or Instagram profile (so we can tag any winners)
  • Terms and conditions apply* please check these carefully.


What's in it for you?

  • We'll offer feedback & advice on your CV and portfolio ready to help you hit the ground running when you graduate this summer
  • We'll answer any questions you may have about entering the studio system and how to tackle it
  • We'll give you access to our Graduate page where you'll find helpful hints and tips, FAQ's PLUS any junior/grad jobs when we get them
  • There may even be a little prize for the most original, and unusual CV/Portfolio!


What's in it for us?

Well, our most recent Salary and Satisfaction Survey showed that the games industry is made up of 85% of people identifying as men and only 12% identifying as women and quite frankly that's a bit depressing! So we're doing our bit to try and help the games industry be a bit more diverse in the coming years.

Unfortunately, studios don't tend to use recruiters that often for junior/graduate jobs so this is our way of helping out where we can, and maybe later down the line in your career, we'll be able to help you secure your second or third role?!


Got any questions about your submission? Please email who will be able to help. 

*Terms and conditions

  • Email your portfolio or CV as a link or attachment to by Friday, March 27th, 2020.
  • You must put "IWD CV Review" in the subject line so we can find your email.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for feedback, this will very much depend on demand. If we think it will be any longer, we'll notify you as soon as possible.
  • To qualify you must be female or female-identifying; in your final year of university in the UK; studying for a games, or interactive related degree
  • 'Winning' CV or portfolio will be judged by our Games & Interactive Manager & Associate Director Giles Fenwick and will be based on what he deems the most original and creative.


Giles Fenwick

Director of Games and Interactive

Giles runs our Gaming & Interactive division and specialises in forming tight knit teams, whether that’s for a studio or in our office. He represented his county at rugby for every age group from 12 onwards which no doubt helped him to cultivate his excellent understanding of team dynamics. Giles is known for his warmth and willingness to take time to work through any issues that may arise, although make sure you don’t try and share his food as then you won’t be getting a warm welcome – Giles doesn’t share food!

Europe: +44 (0)1273 287 007

North America: +1 (437) 887 2477

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