The Best Events to Attend if You Work (or Want to Work) in Games

The Best Events to Attend if You Work (or Want to Work) in Games

GDC is arguably the biggest gaming conference of the year and kicks off the season of evernts which can be overwhelming with so many to choose from. If you're not sure how to choose which ones to go to then first off - take a look at our guide to managing a busy games conference season which goes through how to pick!


But once you know HOW to choose it's still hard to know where to find what is offering the things you need so I thought it would be helpful to bring together the key global conferences that take place – including (IMO) the pick of the bunch. 

The links here will tell you is everything you need to know about each event so you can read up and pick the ones that maximize your time (and bank balance).


18th - GDC | San Francisco, CA

28th – PAX East | Boston, MA


2nd - London Games Festival | London, UK

2nd - EGX Rezzed | London UK

EGX Rezzed is one of the leading events on the calendar particularly for Indie devs. Situated at the excellent Tobacco Docks venue, this is the smaller brother of EGX conference, showcasing playable pre-release games on both PC and console. There is also a chance to meet the development teams behind the games. With tickets under £20, it’s a brilliant conference for anyone that is looking to break into the industry as along with the opportunity to network with industry experts there is an excellent careers section. If you are an indie looking to exhibit in future you can read about what it entails here.

8th - Games Week Berlin | Berlin, Germany 

10th - Womenize! | Berlin, Germany 

11th- Unreal Fest | Prague, Czech Republic

11th - Reboot Develop Blue 2019 | Dubrovnik, Croatia

Reboot Develop Blue is the best conference I have attended over the last 3 or 4 years and the first conference that I book up every year. The organisation of this event is second to none, everything from the accommodation, speakers to the food and the parties it's all 10/10. The fact that it all takes place in sunny Dubrovnik is also a big plus. If you’re looking to network with people from regions that you may not have previously had the opportunity to meet e.g. central Europe, the Baltics, US and Asia, Reboot is the conference for as you.

30th - FMX 2019 | Stuttgart, Germany


13th - White Nights Barcelona | Barclona

22nd - Nordic Game Conference | Malmo, Sweden 

27th - Digital Dragons | Krakow, Poland 



11th - E3 2019 | Los Angeles, CA 

19th - White Nights St. Petersburg  St. Petersburg, Russia



9th - Develop: Brighton | Brighton, UK

Over the last 10 years, Develop has become one of the leading European conferences bringing together the leaders of the games industry. The conference takes place at the relatively small venue of the Hilton Hotel in Brighton which has led to the conference being a must for studio decision makers to attend. We’re definitely not at all biased because it’s just a short stroll along Brighton Beach for us!
If you come along - here’s our guide to the Best of Brighton, a Brightonians Guide to eating and drinking at Develop.

10th – Play@Develop | Brighton, UK

Alongside develop for the last 5 years we run Play@Develop - a charity fundraiser where conference goes can unwind after the day's conference. Generally hosted in one of the bars on the seafront, it's perfect for networking by the sea while raising some money for our charity Special Effect. It is fast becoming one of the go-to events around the Develop conference and we look forward to continuing that this year.

Be sure to follow Play@Develop on Twitter for updates on this year's event.



20th - Gamescom 2019 | Cologne, Germany

The biggest B2B video games show in the world and the biggest consumer show on the planet. If you work in the games industry, you will be in attendance. The conference literally takes over Cologne with many of the pubs featuring gaming themed cocktails and selling games company merchandise behind the bar.

My tip for Gamescom – plan you event well and choose who and what are most important to meet and see, you simply can’t do it all over the 4 days.

But just in case you need a break from the ‘games crowd’ take a look at our guide to the city Gamescom: A local’s guide to Cologne which offers some great tips!



23rdTrojan Horse is a Unicorn | Valetta, Malta

24th - Unite Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark



16th - White Nights Moscow | Moscow, Russia

17th - EGX | London UK

17th - Game Industry Conference | Poznan, Poland



1st - EGX Berlin | Berlin, Germany


And there you have it! As I said it it's a busy conference season for those working in Games, and as much as we would love to attend them all, it’s impossible to be at every event on the calendar.

This year you'll be able to find me and my Skillsearch colleagues at Reboot, UnrealFest, EGX Rezzed, FMX, EGX, Gamescom, THU and Develop. If you are attending any of these events please do get in touch with me on twitter - @GilesFenwick - and hopefully, we can meet up for a drink and a chat.

For up to date info on all these events and more as they are added follow my Games Events list on Twitter. 

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