6 Tips To Increase Mobile App Downloads & Generate New Customers

Every day I talk to Mobile App Developers, Directors of business, start-ups and professional contractors and I find it amazing how many apps I come across which are genuinely good….. in fact better than good but nobody knows about them in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

When you have been in the industry for a number of years you learn tips, snippets of information and golden nuggets from people, which are maybe not so valuable to me directly but certainly to a number of clients and developers looking to maximise their apps success. I have detailed 6 low cost tips I have put together which I understand would give your app a great chance of increasing downloads and generating new customers by its implementation.

1 – Press is key

Avid app and IT enthusiasts read magazines and articles so if your app hasn't been reviewed you immediately discount a huge area of the market. Make sure a number of well known publishers are contacted about the app and can create a review for you such as ApplicationMagazine or pcmag for example.

Also there are websites which specialise in reviewing mobile apps like 148apps.com so reach out to as many of these guys and increase the buzz appeal and downloads will follow.


2 – App Store Optimisation

Much like how websites used to rely on SEO; App Store Optimisation (ASO) uses the same techniques to ensure your app has a better chance of being found and improve your search rankings.


3 – Rich Media

Some of the most online savvy and successful apps have been marketed through use of video. Creating a demo of your app and sharing via Vimeo or YouTube is certain to create new interest in your product.


4 – Word of Mouth

It's no surprise people download apps other people are talking about so put this into word form and go viral. I know apps that have been launched successfully within niche sectors purely by engaging relevant bloggers who write about the apps which then get distributed to the relevant target audience.


5 – Social Media

A client once told me that using this effectively resulted in doubling their downloads and increased their customer base overnight. I don't just mean sharing the app via social channels, I am talking about social engagement! This can be anything from sharing something unique about the app people won't know, the story behind it or even more marketing focused; a code to receive a discount or special offer relevant for the customer and app developer.


6 – Award-winning?

It amazes me how many apps have been built but don't apply for awards and get all the free press and media exposure that comes with it. Winners of awards like the Mobileys or MobileXAwards will give you significant exposure just for submitting an application form so if you have something unique why not shout about it?

If you have any recommendations of a unique app then we want to hear about it as we will be reviewing our own best apps on our new blog which will also give your apps much needed exposure.


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