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Unity Developer Jobs

Unity Developer JobsSpecialists in Unity Developer Jobs

Skillsearch has been specialising in Unity Recruitment since 2011. We realised early that Unity had amazing potential as the engine of choice for developers not just within the Games industry, but also across the ever growing Interactive market. As Unity has become the go to product we have also become the go to recruiter specialising in this area.

We have worked hard to embed ourselves within the Unity community. You will be able to find us at Gaming and Unity specific conferences across the globe and we have built a vast network of developers and organisations spread across Europe and Asia. We have supported companies from indie start-ups to AAA studios by providing them top Unity talent.

If you are looking for a recruiter that has extensive knowledge of top Unity candidates and access to the best global vacancies then reach out to us now.

Our current Unity Developer Vacancies

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Giles Fenwick
Games and Interactive Manager
Gaming & Interactive

Giles specialises in providing entire new teams for studios. His success in building whole teams from scratch is put down to his excellent understanding of team dynamics, and ability to match not just people’s skill sets but also their personalities. A keen sports enthusiast, Giles has represented his county at rugby in every age group since he was 12.

Contact Giles about roles in the gaming and interactive arenas.


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