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Games Artists Jobs

games artists JobsSpecialists in Games Artist Jobs

The quality of visual elements within games is constantly being pushed to the next level so the pressure to recruit the great Artists and Animators out there is top priority to most clients.

We are fortunate enough to recruit in the creative space of game design where we understand the gaming enthusiasts who work to such meticulous levels of details on the visuals ranging across environments, characters and vehicles through to UI, Props and Concepts.

Skillsearch has a large, worldwide client database and is well established within the gaming industry, working alongside large-scale AAA developers, through to Indie start-ups, all looking for the same talented and creative individuals to raise the bar on how gamers see and engage with their titles.

From seasoned gaming experts through to ambitious and talented juniors, if you are looking for a recruiter that has extensive knowledge of the arts and animation opportunities for both Permanent and Contract positions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch now.

Our current Games Artists Vacancies

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Alex Lunn
Art and Animation Consultant
Art & Animation

Alex is a reliable and approachable Consultant with a great understanding of the Art and Animation market largely due to having a real passion for drawing himself! He is definitely the creative one of the digital team and you only have to ask to see his drawing of Jonny Bravo to see proof. Alex is a total foodie who is always keen to try new recipes although this does mean he has had a few disasters too!

Contact Alex about Artistic, Animation and Production related roles.


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